My passion from dressing-up to sharing! 
Passion is the energy that keeps us going, fills us with meaning and happiness. 
Our mission is to create and collect unique stylish clothing for you. We want to give you more confidence with outstanding looks and the right pieces in your wardrobe. Have fun to dress up and leave boring cloths behind you.

Founder of Cinderella's Room

The Story of Cinderella’s Room

Everything started with a broke wardrobe. With too much clothes inside. I have fun and enjoy dressing up with cool unique outfits, that make me more confident. To save my poor wardrobe, I started to sell some of my lovely pieces at a vintage flea market. My wardrobe was restored quickly and the mission was successful! I couldn’t stop selling unique clothing. I love giving customer advice and share ideas on new looks. Selling unique pieces, meant that only one customer can be happy. That was not enough for me, so I started to create and collect unique clothes, for all customers and enchant them to wonderful Cinderella’s of Cinderella’s Room.

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